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Benefits of CBD OILS

What are CBD OILS?

CBD OILS which are Legal are experimental non-psychoactive treatments that are sold for scientific and medical purposes and as food supplements. These compounds are basically new treatments and as a result, there is very little information regarding their effects. They have not been through the necessary clinical trials and as a result, they have not been approved as safe treatments or used yet in human trials. There is little to no information on their long term as well as their short term effects on the user. Although their risks and toxicity are still unknown, these compounds are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that these compounds are sold legally as they are marketed for research purposes or as food supplements which are legitimate purposes. Companies that sell CBD OILS specifically state that they are not meant for health treatments. As a result, these are commonly placed in a grey zone whereby they fall between legal and non-treatment ‘supplements’.

What are the benefits of CBD OILS?

As mentioned earlier, CBD OILS are not meant as health treatments. These compounds are in essence more unknown because their effects are not proven. People who have ingested CBD OILS have reported the following effects:


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Benefits Of CBD OILS

Benefits Of CBD OILS


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